Awaken Heart Yoga

Awaken Heart Yoga

“Welcome to Awaken Heart Yoga, uniting all aspects of our ancient yoga lineage to Self Realization.”  “Asana practice, Pranayama, and mudras. Live Mantra Music in the tradition of Bhakti Yoga”
“Individual Healing Sessions, Group Healing sessions, tutorials and ongoing Support” 


New Online Retreat in June

Joins us for...


"I want to thank you for the whole relationship healing series. I feel after this last one as though some kind of invisible barrier has fallen away from me, as if I can be 'closer' to people, by that I mean I feel more fluid and free in myself,expressing myself with others "
" Thank you so much, this has brought so much more gentleness, peace, new confidence and perspective. "
"Wanted to thank you both for another great weekend of healings. What an amazing course. . I feel deeply changed, more confident, self aware, and self respecting, and content within myself. "


Harmonize your body, mind and inner self.

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