Chetana first studied yoga in India, discovering ashram life at 17.

Chetana met her Guru at 23 whilst living at where she studied all aspects of Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga & Jana and Raja yoga. Since 200 Chetana has trained as a Yoga teacher & continues to further her education in yoga, having trained in Moksha yoga, Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, Hatha yoga, and restorative Yoga Therapy. She is also acredited as a Acro Yoga teacher.

Chetana now teaches internationally though is based in Ditchling, East Sussex..

Sharing the teachings of yoga is Chetana’s joy & devoted passion. She sees Yoga as a way of life, living in present moment awareness from the perspective of Oneness. Her classes weave various Yoga traditions together and infuse this eight-fold path into our daily lives. Her teaching brings meditative insight into feeling from within each posture, opening a dialogue with our bodies and energy system to deeply listen to what’s arising and allowing a healing transmutation to take place.

As well as focussing on the Yoga asanas (physical postures), Chetana incorporates Thai Yoga massage, acupressure and the ancient ayurvedic wisdom of Yoga therapy. She also blends the practice of Bhakti yoga with devotional chanting and sound healing meditations. Following the Raja yoga tradition Chetana teaches Advaita Vedanta self-inquiry meditiation and awareness techniques for self-realisation.

In 2011 Chetana became an Acroyoga teacher, offering dynamic workshops in Acrobatics & Acro-therapeutics (inversion massage in the air ) & Partner Yoga.

She shares her workshops & retreats according to the group dynamic and theme of each retreat. The aim is always to support physiological well being, physical adjustments and re-alignments, to nurture the health & spiritual needs of each individual.