Group healings and Online Courses


Chetana and Will offers regular group healings, plus distant or in-person treatments and uses different types of therapy for different conditions. She treats issues such chronic long-term illness, relationship issues, well-being programmes and support in awakening embodiment evolution.

Therapies include :- VortexHealing, Embody Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Thai yoga Massage and Flying Therapeutics, Psychotherapy & Self Inquiry Consultations, Cranial Sacral,Psychic Readings.

Divine Alignment Healing Course

June 24/25th & July 1/2nd.

Bringing us back into Divine Alignment, to Truth to Love and awakening from separation consciousness. Awakening the Heart ~prajna -(heart wisdom) to intuitive listening to inner guidance and balanced living. WE will be  Transmuting the core places that unqiuely bind us into negative habits, addictions, attachments, self sabotage and self deception/untruth .

What takes us away from living our fullest human potential on all levels of being ,and manifestation in our lives? . This program will support lifecoaching to assit us unblock our next shift into our true purpose, dharma and service on the planet. 

COURSE 1 :- SAT 24th & 25th June 5pm uk Time 

This course explores conditioning right down to the cellular physical , genetic and karmic level of our core holding patterns. Covering all areas of your energy system & nervous ,nadi system , meridian and energy pathways. You will receive upgrades following the deep clearing out that’s completed through this course. Your entire body mind system will benefit from the support  in this awakening evolution bridged though into your life and relationships.

When we gain insight through self-enquiry into how we are conditioned and compounded by all kinds of separation conditioning  there begins an emancipation from all we’ve held unconscious. Freedom begins here in this moment, not just realizing your essence but living from this AwakenedHeart, Self Effulgence. This course is offerd as a stands alone, or combined with the second weekend focused on integration.

COURSE 2 :- SAT 1st & 2nd july 5pm uk Time

Is focused on catching up the energetic bodies clearing the chakra system , intergration and positive repatterning , nurturing ,harmonizing and grounding the bodymind system. You will feel deep relaxation, grounding, and a stillness in your being. 

     24th/25th June Only                                                   24th/25 June & 1st/2nd July

      (2 sessions) £49                                                                    (4 Sessions) £89

XFEHO                                                        XFEHO

Each Session you will recieve :-

2 Hrs Energetic Healing, by Chetana and Will.

Audio meditations & healing self practices, including yogic tools, TRE exercises  all to utilise and align to the healing and for life embodiment tools, so the healing transformation will go on long after the healing sessions of 2hrs each night.

Feedback, written or audio feedback after each session, where necessary.

Che and Will practioners of vortexhealing UAP will be working with you, chanelling the healing, guiding you and open for feedback QnA sessions .

Within this awakening and healing vortexhealing lineage, what is now possible in a short space of time was never achievable before, we’ve noted through testimonials, feedbacks , clients groups response.

Feel free to email , or to enquire about the protocol UAP vortex healing work, designed for your overall well-being and support in the awakening journey. Your questions are always welcome!

  • Chetana on :-  or call +44 (0)7877972311 

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