HEALING Group course 17th 18th dec flight fight freeze awaken from all traumas ,transmuting survival fear karmic ,genetic conditioning.


Chetana offers regular group healings, plus distant or in-person treatments and uses different types of therapy for different conditions. She treats issues such chronic long-term illness, relationship issues, well-being programmes and support in awakening embodiment evolution.

Chetana uses a selection of treatments, such as VortexHealing, Embody Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Thai yoga Massage and Flying Therapeutics, Psychotherapy & Self Inquiry Consultations, Cranial Sacral,Psychic Readings.

Next Group Healing :- December 17th and 18th at 8.30 UK time.

REBIRTH TO SOURCE  Transmuting our ancient separation consciousness programs. Embodying freedom of Being

Transmuting trauma on all levels , awakening through FIGHT FLIGHT FREEZE reaction programs survival fears .

This course explores conditioning right down to the cellular physical level of our core  holding patterns . Covering all areas of your energy system & nervous ,nadi system , meridian and energy pathways. You will receive upgrades following the deep clearing out that’s completed through this course. Your entire body mind system will benefit from the support  in this awakening evolution  bridged though into your life and relationships. When we gain insight through self enquiry into how we are conditioned and compounded by all kinds of trauma  there begins an emancipation from all we’ve held unconscious that has been hidden  moulding ,shaping ,presenting a filter to reality we’ve peered through for so long we’ve identified to.

We’ve been working one on one , with clients and groups since 1999 more resent studies,but due to the shift in the vortex healing lineage   and what is now possible in a short space of time was never achievable before , we’ve noted through testimonials , feedbacks , clients groups response , we’ve started to acknowledge and listen to what miracles can occur in grace , in openess.

The recent upgrades have brought to light this essential topic at the root of conditioning for the embodiment process of awakening and in order to deal with the humans level of existence , so we may actually live from this freedom of being , and unity recognition. The radical power of UAP vortex healing work can release conditioning through to the cellular genetic karmic root level & energetic bodies.

Together  with feedback questions ~input from you, we send you audio files ,guided meditations and healing self practices ,offering yogic tools,TRE exercises  all to utilise and align to the healing you will receive 2hrs by 2 practitioners .SAT 17th ,18th SUNDAY dec just before christmas ancestral family stuff comes in  to play..

we will be exploring how to live stress free in our daily lives out of resistance fear and contraction. These survival fear programs block our energetics , the flow of prana and shut down pathways in our energy system and consciousness densifying to create illness imbalance disease, mental emotional blockage ands fixations .

Awakening through survival fear conditioning ,we invite in true relaxation of Being and new way of being living interacting from the stillness of your essence ,with UAP merlins grace and TRE  inneryoga alchemical practices to support embodiment.

Feel free to email , or to enquire about the protocol UAP vortex healing work, designed for your overall well-being and support in the awakening journey. Your questions are always welcome!

*£74 or 52 concessions for x2 audio guided meditations and video tuition practices,4hrs over 2 nights,with 2 practitioners working directly on your energy system .book and send your picture to Chetana on :- awakenheartyoga@gmail.com  or call +44 (0)7877972311 

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