Yoga Classes

Chetana’s Yoga Classes


Chetana’s classes build the agni fire with dynamic vinyasa flow, helping core strengthening, inner balance  and rediscovering true alignment. Combining Hatha yoga – awakening the heart, restoring health and bringing true relaxation – with yoga therapy, these classes  focus on  the return to yourself.

We journey through all aspects of yoga, utilising the healing power of mantras, Kirtan, kriyas, mudras,& pranayama to awaken Shakti through the entire body mind & energy system.

We focus on awakening self-healing, unraveling core conditioning, releasing negative holding patterns, allowing the fascia to unwind , enlivening space  & cellular renewal.

Together we unlock resistance and blockages in the body, opening the energy gates of the entire chakra & energy bodies.

In this class we will be working with the meridian system & self acupressure massage, and  incorporating Ayurvedic principles, working to harmonise the 5 elements of our unique constitutions. We thread yin & yang calibrations together with hatha – sun &moon – asanas.

With a closing meditation we are guided into translating our insights & realisation into our daily lives & interrelations. Yoga then reveals its ancient secret as a way of life of listening  to your intuition, allowing the body to speak its unique dialogue.

From the more solar phase of our warm up sequence we will transform into the lunar phase of restorative Yoga therapy assisting detoxification, igniting emotional psychological physicals release, repair,renewal & rejuvenation.

Che’s classes incorporate many aspects of yoga, see below for the kind of thing you might expect:






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